7 Benefits of Travelling

Quarantine rules, lockdowns and a huge list of travel documents and test results has made many of us press the pause button on our holidays overseas. But now travel is back on the agenda, it’s time to plan your next trip if you haven’t already.

A holiday is something to look forward to and everyone loves talking about their next trip or where they have just come back from.

There are many personal benefits to holidaying and here are some of our favourites:

1. Improves your physical health

Don’t you always find you get more steps in whilst you’re on holiday? Some of us end up walking 15-20,000 steps whilst we are away. Exercise releases endorphins, so that’s good in itself, but just being in the fresh air does wonders for our health. You may get a better sleep routine in a comfy hotel room with the fluffy pillows and maybe switching off that 6am alarm off and having a lie in will help. It all counts to making us feel physically well and improves our state of health in many ways.


2. Supports your well-being

Escaping our daily routine is something many of us long for. You can disconnect from the stresses of your busy schedule, going to work, doing the school run, being the kid’s taxi service … and simply relax. A break from it all is great for your overall well-being and can help massively if you have been feeling worn down and burned out. The positive vibes from a holiday can make a world of difference.


3. Opens your mind

Learning about other cultures expands our minds and can sometimes help us to get things into perspective with our own lives. Perhaps we’ll come back with a greater appreciation to how fortunate we are in this world and show gratitude to our loved ones. We’ll meet people who speak different languages, show us the beauty in humanity and lead inspiring lives. This can broaden our thinking, make us more compassionate and develop a better understanding of the world.


4. Develops your confidence

It’s not always easy communicating in a country where English isn’t commonly spoken. Perhaps you need directions or help at the airport. You’re using street maps or road signs and may be a little out of your depth. But you rise to the challenge when you’re abroad and this will develop your self-confidence and street smarts.


5. Makes you more knowledgeable

Not only have your holiday experiences taught you about another place, you’ll have more to talk about. You’ll be wiser from your travels and so if someone asks you what language they speak in Brazil, you’ll know that Brazilian isn’t a language and can tell them all you know

about the Portuguese speaking country. You can talk about the landmarks, the food the culture and much more.


6. Tantalises your tastebuds

It’s worth bearing in mind that not all countries cater for the many dietary requirements we may have back home. If you have specific needs, it might be helpful to check with your hotel and restaurants in advance. Even though you’re sure to find something to suit your tastebuds on your travels, taking a few snacks in your suitcase is useful too. But if you’re adventurous with your eating habits, travel is a good way of experiencing new dishes, flavours and tastes.


7. Creates everlasting memories

When you look back at all the exciting things you have done in your life so far, a holiday is bound to feature somewhere on your list. The places you’ve visited, the sights you’ve seen, the amazing food you’ve tasted – travel taps into all of our senses. Flicking through the selfies and photos is a lovely reminder of all the exciting memories that you have experienced. And helps you look forward to the next time you’re away.