5 ways to stay safe on your travels

When you’re overseas, it’s easy to get swept away with the excitement of a break from normality with your new surroundings, culture and food. But it’s always worth keeping a few things in mind to make sure you’re safe whilst you’re away.


1. Check FCDO travel advice

Even though it sometimes makes for scary reading, it’s always worth checking UK Government advice for the country you’re going to. There is a mass of useful information that covers safety and security, the local laws and who to contact if you run into any trouble. We recommend you read essential entry requirements, which is not only related to visas and travel documents, but details the latest COVID-19 entry requirements regarding tests, passenger forms and COVID-19 vaccines that you may need. Find out more on gov.uk


2. Pack a medical kit

You just never know if you’ll get a headache, a dodgy tummy or an allergic reaction, so it’s always worth packing a few tablets, in case you need them. Don’t forget to keep any prescribed medication in your hand luggage, in case your baggage goes missing. If you’re travelling to a hot place, keep some sun block, as well as something to soothe the skin for burns or bites. Those pesky mosquitoes seem to get around, so it may be worth packing some repellent too.


3. Be aware of your surroundings

It’s always a good idea to have your route planned when you’re out and about. Obviously maps on your phone are the latest way to get around, but don’t be so engrossed that you miss what’s happening around you. Don’t look down at your phone whilst you’re crossing the road and always check around you to make sure it’s safe before taking a selfie. If you’re out alone in the evening, avoid quiet areas and it’s always wise to let a friend or family member know your whereabouts, so send a live location or drop a location pin just in case.


4. Don’t look like a tourist

This is easier said than done and maybe your clothes will give you away. But trying to blend in may help you whilst you’re in a foreign place. Don’t have all your flashy jewellery, expensive cameras and designer handbags on show unless you really need to – especially if you’re going to somewhere that is renowned for theft or muggings. You can do all that when you’re safely back home in familiar territory.


5. Lock your valuables away safely

Most hotels have a safe in the room, so make sure you use it and lock away your valuables. If you don’t have a safe, keep things in your suitcase with your travel padlock. It’s not worth carrying all of your money with you, so take what you need and make sure it’s kept close to your body in a crossover bag or inside pocket. Most cities have their fair share of pick-pocketers now, but also be careful with large tote bags or backpacks as it takes just seconds for an expert thief to get what they want.

By all means enjoy your holiday and relax, but keep these things in mind for safer travels.